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Author Tuesday Interview and Giveaway – Tracy Ewens author of the Love Story Series


It’s time for my favorite day of the week Author Tuesday!


I am beyond pleased to host Tracy Ewens author of the Love Story Series, including Premier – A Love Story, Candidate – A Love Story and the upcoming Taste – A Love Story (see my review of Candidate here and Taste here).


In addition to her interview Tracy is generously giving away a copy of Taste – A Love Story releasing October 27, 2015. To enter, just comment why this book appeals to you. (Comment must be on original post at 125pages.com) The giveaway will be open until Monday, October 19, 2015 9:59 p.m. MST. I will then use Random.org to select the winner. So let’s get started!


Please provide a quick intro about yourself and your writing.


I’m a Leo.  I make my bed every morning.  Reading, music, and writing are essential, maybe even in that order.  I love grapefruit and chocolate.  I’m a horrible speller.  I think pita is damn near impossible to open without tearing.  I live in beautiful Arizona with my brood and the most wonderful dog, Jack.  I write contemporary romance, I blog at From the Laundry Room, and I’m always either lost or late.


1  Why should people read your book?

Because it’s a gentle, easy, lovely time.  Taste is a smart romantic story about two people figuring things out and finding their way to one another with the help of their family and friends.  It’s not going to change the world, or scare you, but I try to guarantee at least one of those fluttery heart moments per book.  And . . . there’s quite a bit of eating.  Food is always a good idea.


2  Where is your favorite place to write?

I write all the time, in my head, a text to myself, on receipts if it’s a particularly harrowing day, but my very favorite place to put everything together, to really write, is in my office.  I started out in the laundry room of our home and now I have a proper space that is all mine.


3  What are you currently working on (new book, remodeling your home…)?

I’m finishing up the first draft of Reserved – A Love Story.  It’s the next book in the A Love Story Series and will hopefully be out sometime in February 2016.


4  What is your favorite comfort book (the book you re-read because of how it makes you think/feel)?

Oh, there’s that word again.  I have a hard time with favorites.  Here’s my top five and why I re-read them. Sundays at Tiffany’s (Patterson/Charbonnet) – If I need to believe. Wuthering Heights (Bronte) – If I need dark and twisty. Savor the Moment (Roberts) – If I need butterflies. Great Expectations (Dickens) – If I need perfection. The Secret History (Tartt)  – If I need to get completely lost.


5  What is the next book in your TBR (to be read) pile? T

he Flower Arrangement (Griffin)


6  Turn on your music player and hit shuffle – what song/artist comes up first?

Anyone Who Had a Heart (Shelby Lynne)


7  What’s your random talent (balancing a spoon on your nose, saying the alphabet backwards…)?

I can blow the raw part of an egg out of two pinholes while keeping the shell intact.


8  Ask the reviewer – what question have you always wanted to ask a book reviewer? 

Talk to me about surprises.  When you read a particular genre, do you want what you’ve come to expect, or do you like being thrown for a loop? Laura – It really depends on the genre. If I’m reading a romance then I want to have a HEA ending. If it’s a thriller I love the surprises and the “holy crap how did that happen” moments. If it’s a series I like surprises up to the last book, then I want everyone to have a solid ending.


Again for your chance to win a copy of Taste – A Love Story please leave a comment (comment must be on original post at 125pages.com) letting us know what makes you want to read this book.


Connect with Tracy – tracyewens.com and follow her @tracy_ewens

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