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Movie Star by Lizzie Pepper – Hilary Liftin

Movie Star by Lizzie Pepper is a thinly veiled version of the Tom Cruise – Katie Holmes relationship. Instead of couch jumping there was jumping on the hood of a car, instead of one child there were two, but it was still pretty obvious where the basis of the story came from. As a lover of everything TMZ I was excited to finally read this book, and I’m very glad I did. The world built was very real, the pacing was spot on and the characters were just fantastic. This was like reading a giant version of People magazine. The author, Hilary Liftin, is a well known Hollywood ghost writer, having worked with Tori Spelling, Miley Cyrus and Terri Hatcher. With this base of knowledge it is no surprise that Movie Star is such a spot on portrayal of what I think Hollywood is like. Friendships based on what connections the other can provide, jobs based on who you know and relationships brokered by agents and lawyers. I was happy to see that the characters had more depth than I expected. I came into reading this believing it would be mainly fluff and while there was plenty of it, there was also a solidness to the main character Lizzie. Liftin created a character that the every woman can relate to. At the end all of her decisions were based on what was best for her children, which made her very real. I ended up reading this in one sitting, it flowed very well and I needed to know what happened next. I enjoyed this read and can see why it was named one of Library Journal’s Best Books of 2015.


Favorite lines – Giving up the grand lifestyle—that didn’t faze me. But I had to accept that the love I’d felt, the love I’d believed in, the love I’d built my life around—it was all a façade. Explaining that, for the first time, I wept.

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