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Reasons To Love A Nerd Like Me – Becky Jerams

Reasons To Love A Nerd Like Me made my heart grow three sizes that day. This was such a smart and real YA read. The tale of Scotty, an out and proud teen with an accepting mother and a small core group of friends, actually resembled real life and didn’t contain a large amount of typical YA tropes. The world built was very real and the characters well defined. The pacing had some issues, but they were minor. For example at times a few weeks would have passed since the previous chapter and I had to figure that out from comments made, so it was not a natural progression. However the story and characters more than made up for these slight issues. I loved that the characters were so realized; each had a well defined back story and played true to their created personas. It is also rare for a YA novel to depict actual sex between teens, most of the time it is glossed over so I appreciated that Becky Jerams put in real moments. Not all will be okay with this especially as it is M/M, but to me it was an integral part of the story and was done tastefully and with heart. The only real issue I had with Reasons To Love A Nerd Like Me is the British schooling system. The book kept talking about them being in college at 17 then going to university and all the different years and forms which we do not have here in the states, so at times I struggled to figure out how old these kids were. But that is a cultural thing and not a book issue, just like when a book uses the metric system and my brain has to remember then calculate. This is a debut novel that originated on Wattpad and garnered over two million hits, prompting Jerams to publish via Amazon, and I’m very glad she did. She is currently working on a sequel that I can’t wait to read.


Favorite lines – “Then I saw you that day and I swear to God, I thought you were the most adorable thing I ever saw in my life. You were like… the one person in the whole school I didn’t want to punch.” “Steady on,” I said. “That’s a pretty heavy statement to make if you don’t really mean it.”


Biggest cliché – “You are my best friend, but you didn’t tell me something so now I hate you.”

Source: http://125pages.com/reasons-to-love-a-nerd-like-me-becky-jerams