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City of Light – Keri Arthur

City of Light contains all of the elements that I love in a dystopian paranormal book. Vampires, shifters and demons oh my. I have seen Keri Arthur around for a while and have her Dark Angels series on my Kindle, but have not gotten to them yet as it’s a series of seven and I have not had the time to invest in them. So when I saw that she was coming out with a new series I was excited to test the waters and I am so glad I did. I have mentioned before my love of paranormal and urban fantasy books but I have a hard time finding ones I truly enjoy as I find a lot of them super clichéd or very dumbed down. City of Lightwas most assuredly not one of those. The world built was very real, pacing was spot on and the characters were well fleshed out. The two main characters Tiger and Jonas had very well setup back stories and their actions were true to them. The tale of a war stricken country and the prejudices of the citizens was very well developed and as realistic as it can be when ghosts, wraiths and vampires are commonplace. The only negative thing I can really say about City of Light is that you are thrust into the story and have to figure out who and what everyone one is on the fly. That was both a plus and a minus as time taken to explain would have detracted from the action that began from page one. Now I need to go read her Dark Angels series.


Favorite lines – “I am not a monster, Jonas, no matter what the history books would have you believe.” “It’s not just history that gives rise to that belief—it’s firsthand experience. There are still some alive today who took part in the war.” “Yes, and I’m one of them. Shifters are responsible for just as many atrocities as humans and déchet. It was a war; right or wrong, these things happen.”


Biggest cliché – “I hate you. I hate you too. But I still think you’re hot. Me too.


I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Source: http://125pages.com/city-of-light-keri-arthur