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November 9 – Colleen Hoover

I had such high hopes for November 9. I had never read a Colleen Hoover and heard so much praise and love that I had to read one. And hooboy was the praise worth it, until almost the end of the book. Then I was just annoyed and frustrated. Fallon and Ben have an epic meet cute and their banter made me insta-love them. Smart, sassy and so fun, they made me fall in love with their love. An intriguing premise that really worked. Boy and girl meet, boy and girl get the feels, girl is moving the next day across the country so they do the logical thing and agree to meet once a year, no phone calls or social media. I was with them, I was rooting for them, I wanted them to make it. And then I wanted to throw the book across the room.


The world built was great, very real and everything fit into the storyline. The pacing was quick and flowed easily even when it was year skipping. The characters were perfection; damaged Fallon and protective Ben made me swoon with them. The side characters were also great, the self absorbed fading star father, the pack of brothers who love each other even while fighting, the roommate rooting for love. All were fantastic. The plot and writing had me, I was drawn in and loving it, witty banter, bookish interjections, did I mention the feels, so many feels.


Then the “dramatic twist” happened. And I was done. When 80% of a book is perfection then turns into something else, I get so frustrated. What is wrong with just having a cute, sweet love story? Why does it need to turn weird and wrong? I really like thrillers, when it is a thriller. When it is a love story, I want a love story. Romance can work with drama without having to throw a crazy twist in. I have not totally discounted Colleen Hoover, as I did truly like the majority of November 9, but if the next I read has another last minute game change that doesn’t fit with the rest of the book I think I will have to be done.

Source: http://125pages.com/november-9-colleen-hoover