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Second House from the Corner – Sadeqa Johnson

The beginning of Second House from the Corner was amazing! A frustrated mom who feels like she is drowning, a husband who is an asshat, aspirations to be more true to herself. I was in book love. Then the “drama” started and it all went downhill so very fast. Felicia is struggling, feeling weighed down by her three children and a husband who won’t even get his own dinner from the stove, she is trying everything to gain access to an exclusive social club in town. A former actress, the family life just doesn’t give her the high she craves. Then with the introduction of an old friend, the story changed. Felicia will do anything for her husband to not find out about her past. That is where I lost the plot. The decisions she made were nonsensical and the only path they could lead to was badness.


Sadeqa Johnson can write and she started with an amazing voice. Then the plot took over and it was not great. The emotions I should have been feeling, sadness and empathy towards Felicia, were turned to anger and WTF. The world created was vivid and the pacing was solid. My issue was mainly in the characters. They did not drawn me in, they pushed me out. At times I knew I should have felt for Felicia, but really I just wanted to shake her and yell.


Second House from the Corner was a mix of two stories; harried housewife and women with secrets. Either one would have been great, but the mash-up just didn’t work for me. Sadeqa Johnson can craft an impressive sentence and she does have a way with words. It was the way she crafted her characters and blended her plot lines that lost me. I was disappointed as the beginning showed such promise, but at the end of the day Second House from the Corner was just not for me.


I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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