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Take the Fall – Emily Hainsworth

Take The Fall was a surprising thriller. Surprising in that I did not guess the killer at all which I loved, and surprising in that even though I was kept guessing till the end, I did not love it. Now, I liked it just fine, but the emotional hook just wasn’t there for me. Sonia and Gretchen are the best of friends. Always together they have a bond tighter than sisters. Then they are attacked. One ends up shaken and bruised and the other ends up dead. Determined to uncover what happened, Sonia engages an unlikely ally and begins to uncover truths that will rock their small town and further put her life in danger.


Emily Hainsworth crafted a well thought out world. Full of proverbial dark alleys and illicit secrets, the setting was spot on. The pacing was generally good, a few spots dragged but quickly got pulled back into the action. The writing was strong and well thought out. The characters were where I had some issues. Implied back stories filled out most of them, but without the whole of them, the personalities did not shine through. That made it hard for me to feel emotionally attached to anyone. I want to feel with a person, grieve with them, laugh with them and feel afraid for them. And I didn’t, the hook just wasn’t there for me.


For the most part I enjoyed Take the Fall. I genuinely enjoyed being kept guessing until the end. Almost every chapter, I would change my guess who the killer was and never once did I guess correctly. So even without the emotional touch I enjoyed the ride to the end. A decent entry into the thriller genre, Take the Fall kept me on my toes but failed to grab my heart.


I received this book for free from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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