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Why We Came to the City – Kristopher Jansma

I don’t know if I have ever wanted a book to end after part one as much as I did with Why We Came to the City. After struggling a bit with chapter one, as characters were introduced at a rapid pace and it took me a bit to figure out who they all were. Once I was settled into the players and their stories I was engrossed. I felt with them and loved with them and grieved with them. I thought the end of the first part was perfection and would have been quite content for it to end there. When I turned the (virtual) page and realized the book was still going, I was a little pissed. Why continue? It ended so well. But I needed to finish and it took a bit, but I melded back into the story again. And I’m glad I did. The true ending was very well thought out and did bring some needed closure.


Kristopher Jansma created a very real and vivid world in Why We Came to the City. The settings matched the story well and enhanced the scenes. The plot was well thought out. Each point fed into the next and created a well blended story. The writing was nuanced and had a fine hue. Jansma has a distinctive voice and he used it to full advantage. The characters all played well within the tale; some were stronger and created a driving force the others rotated around. The emotions were high. It would be hard to craft a tale around a dying young woman without an emotional heft and Why We Came to the City had it.


I did truly enjoy Why We Came to the City, even if I wanted it to end early. I always try to respect the author’s vision but sometimes struggle with how I picture the ending. I am glad it ended the way it did, as it tied everything up nicely. I have also heard great things about Jansma’s first book The Unchangeable Spots of Leopards, so I will have to see if my library has it. So if you are looking for a tale of enduring friendship with a lot of heart pick up a copy of Why We Came to the City.


I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review

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