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Mercer Street – John Heldt

Mercer Street is the tale of three women, Grandmother, Daughter and Grandmother, who meet a scientist who tells them he can allow them to travel back in time. With little questioning, they take this man up on his offer and Grandma decides they need to travel back to when she was an infant so she can see her parents one last time. Mom and granddaughter are reeling from the lose of their husband and father and will do almost anything to escape. So begins the tale of three generations of women traveling to the past to hopefully jumpstart their futures. Putting aside the fact that a random man would offer strangers a chance to time travel, for pretty much nothing, and the fact that Granny is pushy and has to have everything her way, this is a sweet story. The bond between the women was real and the outside players really added a unique twist.


John Heldt is really growing as an author. The writing in Mercer Street is crisp and has a genuine quality to it, albeit some scenes that were over described. The pacing was well done minus a few rushed moments. The emotional quotient was high; having three generations of women together non-stop for weeks will do that. The world created was real, mixing historical events and figures with the fictitious. The characters were developed well, although they tended toward the whiny and dramatic to get their way.


Mercer Street is the second book I have read from John Heldt. I liked it better than The Mine, although I did enjoy that he had a male lead in the prior book. He really favors the time travel stories, but he is able to make them unique from each other which I enjoyed. Heldt is one of those authors whose books I believe I will enjoy when I come across them, but I may not seek them out.


I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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