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Firstlife – Gena Showalter

Oh Gena, you have done it again. Great action, great characters and a gripping and unique plot. Firstlife has been on my radar for months and I was trying to patiently wait for publication. Then I got it and had to wait as I had some other reads scheduled first. When I was finally able to read it and I was hooked from the first chapter. I fell asleep on my couch reading it and had a hard time making myself go to bed and not pick it back up. To quote what Kristin over at Addicted to Happily Ever After said in our Twitter convo about the book – “Ten is a totally kick ass character!!”, and I could not agree more.


Showalter has a way with her writing where you can alternate laughing and crying within just a few sentences. She is able to take you on a journey through words that seem simple, but have so much behind each one. Fast paced and full of action, the story never lagged. The world created was remarkable, as there were really four worlds wrapped together and each was distinctive which takes skill. The characters were fantastic; Ten and the two male leads were well developed and unique and even the side characters were all fully formed and nuanced. The emotions ran high and, as I love, you feel with the characters not for them. I was able to join with their sorrows and joy and hurt with them when they fought.


I really enjoy Gena Showalter’s book and own almost all of them (no Alice in Zombieland though, as I am strongly anti-zombie) so I had high expectations forFirstlife. And I am happy to report that my expectations were met. I am excited to see this series build and honestly do not know where the story will lead. Additionally I do not have a deep desire for the story to turn a certain way. I will be content to follow along and see where I end up. The Everlife series is one that I can’t wait to discover fully.


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