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Perfectly Broken – Robert Burke Warren

I was unsure how I was going to rate Perfectly Broken. I loved the first half, so emotional and full of true characters. Then something happened. Something that is usually a full stop for me liking a book, movie, show, whatever. It is my thing and I just don’t care for it. But, bugger all, the writing was just so good, I was sucked back in and really enjoyed the end of the book. Beth and Grant are a way cool couple living in New York City with their small son. Grant is an ex rocker who is now a stay at home dad. When Beth loses her job they have to move to the country to get by. Losing their lifestyle while Grant is losing his sense of self leads to issues that shock their foundation and could potentially end everything they have.


Robert Burke Warren has a way with words. As stated above his turn of phrase pulled me back into a situation I did not like at all. He built a very real world, and the addition of music helped the scenes play vividly in my mind. The pacing was great, everything segued naturally and flowed well. There was plenty of emotion. If I can get mad at a character I know the feelings quotient was high. The plot and the characters were where I was a little let down, but again, that is due to my thing and not the writing of Robert Burke Warren.


Even though there was that one plot point I did not care for, I really enjoyed Robert Burke Warren’s writing and Perfectly Broken. This was a debut that showed a high degree of talent and depth. Warren is an author to watch and I will be sure to pick up whatever he writes next. I would recommend Perfectly Broken, as it is a rare book that can pull a reader back in purely based on the writing.


I received this book for free from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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