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The Hidden Twin – Adi Rule

First of all, we all need to admire this cover for a minute. Seriously it is awesome and sparkly and is what immediately drew me to this book. I fully admit, I am a cover judger and I am okay with it. Now with that out of the way, lets break down The Hidden Twin. Two children born. One human, one not. She is considered a monster and must hide from those who would kill her upon finding out what she is. Unnamed, uneducated and unsure, Redwing is careful to stay in the shadows. When the shadows fail to hide her, she must decide her path; succumb and perish or stand tall and fight (Not to be spoilery but I’m gonna point to my gif for the answer to that, if not the book would have been over in the first third).


The Hidden Twin – Adi Rule


Adi Rule crafted a plot full of twists and turns with a very solid base. Unfortunately the world building was a little lacking, it was hard to decipher the lay of the land and figure out if dystopian, alternate earth, high fantasy, or other. The characters were also a tiny bit off; the Redwing was great but the father and sister were frustrating as they acted as if not naming a child was normal and and treated Redwing semi-Cinderella-y. The emotions ran high though out and helped balance some of the slight character issues. The pacing was well done once the story ramped up. The first few chapters were slower, but that was all due to needed build up. Once the story started, it really ran. I enjoyed Rule’s writing even with the few small issues I had. Descriptive, with a good interplay of sights and sounds, the writing helped wrap the seemingly disparate elements together.


The Hidden Twin had so many good things going for it. I did have a few issues, but overall this is a tale I liked sinking into. The ending implied a sequel and I would happily read it, as I would love to see Redwing come further into her own. Adi Rule is an author who I think will grow with each book published, and I also think that the things that I wasn’t crazy about will naturally work themselves out in a sequel. I will recommend The Hidden Twin as a great book if you are in the mood for some action and intrigue, and don’t need a fully structured world.


I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review

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