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An Unattractive Vampire – Jim McDoniel

I am a big fan of tall, dark and supremely hot vampires. I love the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, The Vampire Diaries TV show and books and Eric from True Blood (not dark but he gets a pass). So when I saw a book focused on a fugly vamp with no social skills and no soul mate to seduce, I was skeptical, but it was vamp based. Then I saw a review of it (on Koeur’s Book Reviews) and knew I had to read it. And now I am here to tell you to go get this book! Yulric Bile has been awakened after 700 years. The puritanical world he left behind has evolved to strange horseless carriages, lamps run off of bottled lightning (or electricity as we like to call it) and boxes that everyone stares at. In these boxes reside beautiful specimens of humanity. But as Yulric soon finds out these are the new breed of vampires. Perfectly shaped and with no instinct to kill they are against everything Yulric stands for. As Yulric tries to find his place in this new world and reestablish dominance, he will discover that maybe the modern era is not as bad as he thought.


Jim McDoniel has crafted a very funny book. It is hard to make me laugh out loud while reading and I did it at least a dozen times during An Unattractive Vampire. The footnotes alone are worth the read. (Footnotes, I know! But they were awesome.) The writing was sharp and the world created was fantastic. McDoniel used many real life aspects but twisted them just enough to make the world his own. The plot was unique and a nice change of pace from my usual vampire read. The pacing had a few weak spots where time jumps weren’t fully explained, but they really did not detract from the story as a whole. The emotions were interesting. I was rooting for the “bad” guy and loving it. The characters were where An Unattractive Vampire excelled. Yulric was the perfect disgruntled bad guy, Amanda was fantastic as the reluctant host of an ugly vampire, Simon was a perfect way too wise child and the supporting cast was perfectly placed to support the story.


Yulric’s AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! of vampires (Get it, pack of werewolves, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! of vampires; genius.) made this a wonderful read. Funny, fast and so entertaining An Unattractive Vampire is a great addition to the vampire genre. Jim McDoniel’s debut is strong and I am really interested to see what he creates next (a sequel would be just fine). I will recommend An Unattractive Vampire for all; it will make you laugh and show you a different side of pretty boy vamps.


I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Source: http://125pages.com/an-unattractive-vampire-jim-mcdoniel