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Trust No One – Paul Cleave

Trust No One has been languishing on my Kindle for months. I heard great things about it when it came out this past August, bought it in September, then got bogged down with ARC reviews and wasn’t able to read it till now. It is an interesting mix of medical drama, thriller and classic whodunit. Jerry Grey is a best selling mystery author, who has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. The story opens with Jerry confessing a brutal murder to police; the officers then thank him for his time and send him off with his daughter. The murder he confessed to was the plot of his first book, and this is not the first time he has confessed to it and others, all from his books. As Jerry’s memories wax and wane and real life murders occur around him, he realizes that he may not have made up the plots after all.


This is my first Paul Cleave book, and I was not disappointed. The plot was tightly woven and well structured and while I did not love the ending, it fit within the confines of the story well. The writing had a distinctive voice, and had just enough description to keep me interested and intrigued. The pacing flowed well even with a disjointed mind as a narrator. The world created was very real and I could picture the scenes playing out. The characters were well placed in the world, and even though Jerry was an ass, both pre and post Alzheimer’s, he was someone you wanted to root for. Their wasn’t a huge emotional tie in Trust No One other than pity for Jerry and at times disgust, but in a thriller I do not necessarily need huge emotions.          


Trust No One was an interesting read that for the most part I really enjoyed. It was twisty and dark and had so many good things going for it. I did not love the comparisons of Alzheimer’s to madness and being crazy, as I have had family members with dementia and it is a separate issue. I also wanted a slightly different ending, as I had guessed the majority of the ending about 60% in. With that said, I still enjoyed the ride Paul Cleave took me on. If you are in the mood for a fast read with a good twisty bit, Trust No One may be just right for you.

Source: http://125pages.com/trust-no-one-paul-cleave