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Black Widow Forever Red – Margaret Stohl

I am the odd one in my family. I am not a comic book/graphic novel fan. I enjoy the movies and have collectibles of certain characters (Gambit, Harley Quinn, and Deadpool), but have never really gotten into the reads. My hubs and two kiddos, however are super into comics. My eleven-year-old daughter was the youngest person at our local comic book store to have a subscription, they know us by name and will hold books aside that they think my three will enjoy, we go family Christmas shopping there, it’s a whole thing in my family. They have always joked with me as I just stand there and wait until everyone else is ready. One day they were encouraging me to pick something out, and I replied with “If you have an actual book with no pictures I will buy it”. That is the story of how I ended up coming home that day with Black Widow Forever Red.


The world Margaret Stohl created was very real. I could picture the scenes in my head and it fit perfectly in the Marvel movie world. The plot was interesting and action packed and I loved the subtle and not so subtle movie references. The writing was well thought out and I genuinely laughed out loud more then a few times. The pacing was a little slow in the beginning, due to the world building being set, but it picked up quickly then never stopped rocketing forward. The characters were great and already familiar to me and it was great seeing some cameos. I was upset with one characters ending, as it just sucked, but I could also see why it was needed to forward the plot. Stohl surpassed my expectations in the emotional realm. It was nice to see Black Widow truly open up and be venerable.


It took me a while to get to reading Black Widow Forever Red, but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. More of an origin story for Red Widow, than a true Black Widow lead, it had the humor I have grown to expect from the movies, and I loved Tony Stark and Coulson in it. I think it was easy for me to join this world as I am not a super fan and as such pictured the movie actors in the roles and didn’t already know any backstories to compare Black Widow Forever Red to. For a fan of action with some great lines, I would recommend Black Widow Forever Red, however if you are a huge Marvel fan already this may not be for you. I do hope more come out in this series, as I could see it being one I enjoy, and it will give me something to buy at the comic book store.


Favorite lines – Tony looked at Natasha. “Prepare for exposure. And I’m only saying this because I’ve never seen you as on over-sharer,” he said. “Or, and I’m just being honest here, even an under-sharer. Or, you know. Sharer.” The silence that answered him was awkward. “Yay sharing,” Alex said.

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