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Undecided – Julianna Keyes

I wasn’t sure what to expect going into Undecided. It sounded like a simple cute story. It was not, in a great way. It was full of emotions and depth that I did not expect reading the synopsis. After a mostly disastrous freshman year, Nora is entering her sophomore year of college with a new outlook and with a new personality. Putting her party girl ways behind her, she pushes aside her social life and tries to settle into a boring existence. Until her roommates best friend keeps coming around and peaking her interest in a non-boring way. But her past may soon catch up to her future and Nora is unsure if she can reconcile the two.


I really enjoyed the plot of Undecided. Witty, with an unexpected depth, it surprised me with the range displayed. Julianna Keyes’ writing style was one I enjoy. She was able to mix humor, romance, sex and a great plot line all together. The pacing did have a few small issues, with some minor timelines seemingly not matching up. The world building also confused me a little. They were 21 year-old college sophomores, and normally sophomores are 19, but that may be a Canadian thing. I really was pleased with the emotions in Undecided. Nora had a nice range of feelings and the supporting cast continued those on, with a nice depth. I always love when I connect with a character and I felt with Nora, not for her. I liked the array of characters in Undecided. The roommate struggling with his own issues, the best friend that you just wanted to love, the snarky girl and the lovelorn co-worker all combined with Nora to make a great cast. Now there were times I wanted to shake Nora and tell her to remove her head from her ass, but she was also a young women trying to rebuild her life while never fully reaching closure with her old life.


I really enjoyed Undecided. It was an interesting mix of romance, NA and drama that really worked. A seemingly simple plot that had a lot of depth and emotion in it, Julianna Keyes crafted a great tale. There were a few moments that I felt were more adult than YA, however this is Keyes first foray into YA and her four previous adult titles look very adult. I now need to go checkout Keyes adult books to see if they contain the same humor and emotional impact. I would recommend Undecided as long as semi-graphic scenes do not bother you.


I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Source: http://125pages.com/undecided-julianna-keyes