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The Mothers – Rod Jones

The Mothers was a unique look at three generations of women; all with a big similarity at the heart of them. While strong, these women struggled to overcome the situations life threw at them. Spanning from the early 1900’s to modern times, it showed how far reaching one person’s decisions can go.


The plot for The Mothers was great. Very intricate and with so many winding storylines that somehow all tied together. The writing of Rod Jones was fine, however  he tended towards over acting and not enough heart at the core of it. The pacing had some issues. It spanned almost a century and at times jumped too quickly into the next time period. The world built was also a bit flat. Jones tended to focus on the characters and less on the world they inhabited. The characters at the heart of The Mothers were for the most part fantastic. They had a real sense of self, but were also very dependent on others. One character, David, was awful and dragged down every scene he was in. There were some nice emotions in The Mothers but unfortunately they were tempered by the over acting of a few key persons.


The Mothers had so much going for it. Strong emotions, characters you wanted to connect with and some interesting history. Unfortunately it was dragged down by a few bad characters and some overwrought scenes. It was not a bad read, but Rod Jones tended towards over dramatic when playing it simply would have been much more powerful. I did enjoy reading The Mothers for the most part, but never really felt a part of the read.


I received this book for free from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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