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Father’s Day – Simon Van Booy


Father’s Day – Simon Van BooyFather's Day by Simon Van Booy
Published by Harper on April 26, 2016


Father’s Day is a modern day tale of love, family and what truly holds two people together. A tale that examines the past along with the present in a way that showcases each character and their inner thoughts. Harvey was raised by her uncle, Jason, after her parents death when she was six. They are now reuniting in Paris where Harvey has been working for two years. Harvey has discovered the family secret and with each day will come closer to speaking to Jason about it.


The plot of Father’s Day is simple and sweet with a very straightforward premise.The writing of Simon Van Booy was great, very clean with few extras and no flowery language. The pacing was a bit confusing as it went back and forth between time periods with little explanation. The world built was a bit lacking, as the straightforward language used left little room for description. This was surprisingly emotional considering the lack of descriptors. The entire tale is set to reach the end, which is full of emotion. There were really only two characters at the heart of the story, Harvey and Jason. They were the center around which everything else rotated. They were both successful characters and worked within the scope.


I enjoyed Father’s Day as it was a quick read with nice writing. However the ending was so very schmaltzy it almost hurt. I liked that Simon Van Booy used his words very carefully and every sentence had a place and a purpose. Father’s Day was a book I am glad I had a chance to read, but it is not one I will re-visit.


I received this book for free from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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