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Thicker Than Water – Kelly Fiore

Thicker Than Water is sharp and smart. Teen drug use and overdose stories can be very preachy or overly emotional and this was not. This was a very good balance of emotion, fact, family dysfunction and drama. Well paced and with a very well built world, Thicker Than Water also had a very powerful main character driving the story. CeCe is a very well defined character and had a nice emotional depth not often seen in YA novels. Of course there was the obligatory clueless YA parent but that actually enhanced the story rather than dragging it down, as the issues could not have moved forward with an attentive adult. I was impressed to see a story deal with teen prescription drug use as it is such a very real issue but the majority of YA addiction stories I have read revolve around pot and drinking, which while an issue, to me is very minor and not deserving of an entire addict book (especially the pot). Thicker Than Water alternated between past and present with each chapter adding well to the story and helping to explain the current happening. My main source of frustration with the book was that CeCe fell under the spell of a dreamy boy and refused to see that he was a total ass. That is par for the course in YA books but I would really like to see one where the female lead snaps out of it and tells people what the asshat boy contributed to the issue. Overall Thicker Than Water is probably the best teen drug use book I have read in quite a while.


Favorite lines – “As the world fell apart around me, my will to live slipped through the cracks in the tiles on the floor. My heart forgot its own name. Likewise, my name forgot its own heart. They passed each other in my body like strangers. Then something deep in my body began to crack.”


Biggest cliché – “A boy likes me! Time to make my everything hinge on his approval.”


I received this book for free from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Source: http://125pages.com/thicker-than-water-kelly-fiore