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Smart Girl – Rachel Hollis

Yay! It’s a new Rachel Hollis book! *Takes a deep breath* Okay, so if you didn’t know I heart Hollis’ The Girls series. I read her second book Sweet Girl first and fell in reader love with Max. I wanted to hang out with her and be her best friend. Then I read the first in the series Party Girl and while Landon was great, she was no Max. On the periphery of each story was Miko, the quirky designer whose one-liners stole the scenes she was in. I was very excited when I found out the third book in the series, Smart Girl, was Miko’s. Miko who believes that Converse hi-tops go with ball gowns and who loves cosplay. Miko who is harboring a deep crush on Max’s brother Liam. The same Max who will probably murder her if she finds out.


Hollis creates such a real world in her series. The locations pop and you can practically

see the floor plans as the cast walks through the buildings. Each character is also very real. They have their own special quirks, mannerisms and personalities. The plots are not the most unique, they are contemporary romances, so you know there is going to be a coupling and a HEA, but it’s they way they get there that is unique. Hollis has a very fresh writing style. She incorporates pop culture, fandoms and literary references into her stories and then builds them into these delightful concoctions. Apparently Hollis has a very active website and career outside of writing, but I know pretty much nothing about it. To me Rachel Hollis is an author that I adore. I actively stalked her on Twitter so she would be one of my Author Tuesday features and she said yes! (She is the feature next week on January 19, 2016.)


Miko and Liam are very different, she is a free thinker, while he is very buttoned up business man. She does not casually date and he is a bit of a manwhore. She has a serious infatuation and he sees her as his little sister’s friend. They are a combo that should not work, but they do in the best of ways. I love that Miko was unafraid to go after what her heart desired and that she was brave enough to realize when it wasn’t right. Chalk up another win for Rachel Hollis and I hope her next read comes soon.


I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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