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In the Context of Love – Linda K. Sienkiewicz

In the Context of Love is described by some as a romance, by some as contemporary fiction and by some as women’s fiction a la chick-lit. I put it firmly in the contemporary fiction category. I saw some romance in it, but that was not the driving plot point to me. Angelica is the center of the story, which begins as she visits her (soon to be ex) husband in jail. She narrates a history of her life as if she is speaking to her high school love. Navigating a past full of dark secrets and her own anger with how her life as progressed, Angelica needs to reconcile her past to create her new future.


Linda K. Sienkiewicz has a way with words. I enjoyed her writing and the way she was able to create a remarkable scene with just a few words. The world built was real even though it was mostly memory. There was a lot of emotion packed into her tale as well. The plot was interesting, and had some real high points, but also seemed disconnected at times. The characters were where I had some trouble connecting. Angelica was angry at everyone and everything, but never really did anything to change her circumstances. The others all had similar plot lines, they were trapped into situations of their own making and never really worked at fixing it.


In the Context of Love was a book I wished I had connected with more. The Amazon and Goodreads reviews are amazing for it, but I just didn’t love it. I liked it and thought Sienkiewicz’s writing was great and the story line was unique. I just didn’t click with the characters or the emotions. So take this review as it’s not you it’s me and hopefully Sienkiewicz’s next book will resonate with me, as I did really enjoy her writing.


Favorite lines – What do you remember most about growing up? Was it your mother’s kindness, or your father’s anger? It isn’t easy to look at the past without seeing the hurt, but is it a falsehood if you choose to remember only is what is good? What if you don’t want to remember?


I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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