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Keep Me Posted – Lisa Beazley

Keep Me Posted is a tale of unwanted viral fame wrapped into a story of two sisters dealing with issues. I have read a few unwanted internet fame stories in the last year (The Good Neighbor and Goddess of Suburbia) and the viral issue always seems to overshadow what could have been a great story otherwise. Cassie is a NYC mom of young twin sons dealing with a marriage that has gone stale, a frenemy next door, and an ex that is a little too hot and around. Sid is living in Singapore with her husband, teen son and small daughter and feeling lost and alone in a strange land. They begin to write letters to each other to have a sense of connection. Cassie wants to record the letters for posterity so she scans them to a blog and privacy protects it.


The plot of Keep Me Posted has some very bright spots and some not so bright. I enjoyed the sisterly bond, but the constant stating of unhappiness and doing nothing towards fixing it was grating and dragged down some of the scenes. I did enjoy Lisa Beazley’s writing. She could set a scene very well and I could picture the action as it happened. The world she created was vivid and I loved the parts set in Singapore as I could feel the humidity rising. The pacing was good, with few lags and mostly driving forward events. The emotions were high, but tended towards the over dramatic. The characters were unbalanced. Sid was lovely and I really connected with her, whereas Cassie tended to be whiny and unhappy but unwilling to do anything to fix it until backed into a corner.


I did enjoy Keep Me Posted for the most part. I just could not connect with one of the main characters and thus the majority of the story. I did enjoy Beazley’s writing style and they way she painted her settings, I was impressed with that ability in a debut.Keep Me Posted was an interesting read and I would read Beazley’s next book.


I received this book for free from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Source: http://125pages.com/keep-me-posted-lisa-beazley