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Flawed – Cecelia Ahern

Oh Flawed, how I wanted to read you. You were one of my WoW picks back in December and when I saw you come up on Netgalley, I requested with such hope in my heart. When I found out I got the ARC I was so happy. I have read the majority of Cecelia Ahern’s adult books so I was really interested to see how her voice transferred to YA. I am happy to say it transferred well. Celestine leads a charmed life. The daughter of a model mother and a powerful father, she has the perfect boyfriend and an enviable life. In a society that judges moral character as well as criminal behavior, Celestine has always complied with the dictates of everyday life. Until one instance changes everything. She breaks a rule to help another and now she could be found guilty of being flawed.


I enjoyed the plot of Flawed. Yes, we have seen plenty of books where a reluctant heroine stumbles into a situation she cannot control or even wants to be a part of, but this was done with a different angle that I really enjoyed. I have already stated that I enjoy the adult writing of Cecelia Ahern. I am happy that her unique voice flowed well into the YA world and that the writing was emotionally charged and had a nice depth. The pacing had a few issues, but that was primarily due to the world needing to be built. Speaking of world building, Ahern did a great job. The world was rich and has great potential for the rest of the series to grow into. The emotions ran high in Flawed. Between Celestine’s moral quandaries and a few scenes that were just brutal, I felt very connected to the story. The characters were set up well. What I mean with that, is that this is the first in a series so this was the building and setup book. The characters to love were there, the characters to hate were there, and the characters that you wonder about were there.


I really enjoyed Flawed and Cecelia Ahern’s delve into YA. While this book was primarily set up and world building, it still had many great moments and some hints at what comes next. This is a series that has huge potential and I am excited to see what comes next.


I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Source: http://125pages.com/flawed-cecelia-ahern